Learning and Development

Learning and Development

In today's world of global businesses, robust and agile Transportation and Logistics solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the economic growth. The challenges that face the Transportation and Logistics industry include competitive prices, critical delivery deadlines, effective customer service, seamless operations, and reliable processes. The competence, skills, and adaptability of teams can create a competitive advantage in such a situation. Training plays an important role in creating an industry-ready workforce, catering to skill gaps in the existing workforce. Super India (Global) Logistics Pvt. Ltd. expertise lies in providing effective training to cater to the needs of Transportation and Logistics industry. Super India (Global) Logistics Pvt. Ltd. addresses key industry challenges including retention and career progression of both the incumbent and entry-level workforce; cost and time related barriers, multi-cultural and geographically dispersed workforce and dealer networks.
Functional Training
1. Cargo Handling
2. Supply and Delivery processes Training
3. Driver Training
4. Employee Training
5. Dealer Training

Regulatory and Compliance Training
1. Cargo Logistics
2. Fire Safety
3. Handling Dangerous Goods
4. Health and Safety
5. Environment Protection
6. General Security

IT Training
1. SAP and other ERP
2. Siebel and other CRM
3. Rail Car Applications

Technical Training
1. Product Training
2. Operations Training
3. Maintenance Training

Soft Skill Training
1. Performance Management
2. Communication Skills
3. Customer Service
4. Code of Conduct
5. Leadership Development

Sales Training