Traverse Survey

Traversing is carried out in all Survey projects to establish the precise network of primary control points in the area of interest. Primary network of control points thus established using traversing is used for carrying out the detailed survey in the project area and also to establish the secondary network of control points. Traversing is carried out in Topographic as well as Geodetic surveys. There are two types of traversing surveys – Open Loop Traverse Survey & Closed Loop Traverse Survey. As the name suggests In open Loop Traverse survey is not closed at point of start in Open Loop Survey but it is closed at the starting point in Closed Loop Traverse Survey to precisely check the error in the traversing. The error so determined is distributed equally in the points established in the entire traversing if it is within the permissible limit of a particular survey else it is repeated. At ARK Services Pvt. Ltd. we believe strongly in precision of the survey and hence follow the methodology of Whole-to-part rather than part-to-whole. Our Experts having life time experience use highly sophisticated equipment to establish the precise network or control points before commencing the detailed survey of any project which is the key of precision in any survey project.