Due Diligence Survey

Due Diligence Surveys are carried out to ascertain and evaluate the fitness, technical aspects and value of the assets of any company / individual. Due diligence survey is an in-depth inspection of an asset as compared to detailed survey. The asset is generally put through a scrutiny procedure / steps to ensure the fitness of its use for which it has been built and assess if it can accommodate the short term and long term plan of the buyer / purchaser / acquirer. Based on due diligence survey reports Buyer / Purchaser / Acquirer of an asset is generally warned of any future cost commitments, and of any operational issues associated with the asset. At ARK Services Pvt. Ltd. we carry out detailed Due Diligence Surveys for our Clients who are interested in acquisition of any asset / property. We make sure on behalf of our clients that no additional costs / problems are faced by our clients after acquisition of property / asset which helps our Clients in making a confident and quick decision regarding acquisition as our report highlights the encroachments issues, statutory and non-statutory compliances requirements etc. Our Due Diligence Survey Reports covers:


  • Detailed Topographical Survey of the property
  • Verification of Actual Area viz. a viz. the area approved as per government records / deeds
  • Any Encroachment issue of the government property
  • Verification as per Land Revenue Records
  • Verification of compliances as per Government Departments requirements
  • Verification of existing drainage system and its adequacy
  • Verification property valuation reports based on the market rates.