Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Surveying is the branch of Surveying which specilises in establishing the precise and accurate location, boundary, sub-division, legal status, ownership and category of a given piece of land in any specified area. Such surveys are mainly focused on accurately estabilihsing the ownership and legal status of properties / land with clear boundaries, locations and its usage. It is very important component of the legalization of properties in any given area. A professional Cadastral Surveyor must be well conversant with the land surveying principles as well as the legal principles and processes for the specified areas.

ARK Services Pvt. Ltd. is having a specialized team for carrying out such Cadastral Surveys who are well aware of the requirement of such surveys which need a lot of document collection and its compilation from the concerned authorities such as Municipal Corporations, Panchayats, Zila Parishads etc. After collecting and analyzing all the records our surveyors examine the documents for errors, such as closure errors the field survey is taken up with utmost care and precision.